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Join us at the culmination of WeekofAI for our exclusive Saturday paid workshops conducted via Zoom. Delve into immersive, hands-on experiences designed to foster personal connections with our expert facilitators. These workshops offer a unique opportunity for attendees to engage directly with presenters, receiving tailored guidance and support throughout. Register now and prepare to dive into an enriching journey of discovery and creation. During #weekofai you can purchase the whole day for $40 or individual workshops for $10. Recordings will be available and emailed to those that register for the workshop and certificates of attendance will be mailed as well. It is up to your school, district, or organization to recognize and apply the hours. 


Week of AI 2024

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Week of AI is a week long immersive and collaborative virtual event that runs from May 13-May 18th 2024. This year's theme is "Level Up Your AI Knowledge," and adventurers from all corners of the globe will gather in a quest to share their AI knowledge. Prepare for an epic journey into the realm of artificial intelligence at this year’s #WeekofAI Virtual week long event!


Through a series of captivating presentations, hands-on workshops, and strategic discussions, Week of AI unlocks the next level of AI innovation. From seasoned AI wizards to those just starting their quest, attendees embark on an adventure to discover new strategies, share insights, and unravel the mysteries of AI technology. Are you ready to play and uncover the limitless possibilities of AI? Join us at Week of AI, where the adventure awaits!

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